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e-Mal is a platform, introducing the ultimate Smart Economy to the government, employers, consumers, migrants, traders, and individuals from various walks of life. We promote sustainability - and this word is not just applicable to the environment but to the life-cycle of every single individual. Along with creating an environment which is greener and cleaner for our next generations, our focus is also on building bridges and creating inclusion within the global financial systems. e-Mal is a Smart Financial Solution and a scalable and agile platform which creates value for their stakeholders while creating cost efficiency and enhanced user experience.


How e-Mal works?

e-Mal payment platform connects assets and businesses on blockchains to the real-world in a decentralized manner. e-Mal uses blockchain technology and records each transaction data in hash functions with timestamps so that the data cannot be changed or tampered with.

The Digital Wallet apps

The e-Mal Digital Wallet gives ultimate freedom to the user and truly bridges gaps between global banking and financial services and the unbanked population worldwide.

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    e-Mal digital wallet services include:

  • e-Mal Fin-Hub

    The e-Mal Fin-Hub provides the users with the platform to access all financial services under the e-Mal financial ecosystem.

  • e-Mal U-Hub

    The U-Hub is a one-stop solution for all your utility needs, whether it be your phone bills, electricity bills or a simple top up for an international call.

  • e-Mal Info-Hub

    The Information Hub provides the users with news and updates that they can use, trust and share amongst family and friends.

  • e-Mal Go-To-Pack

    e-Mal Go-To-Pack is an user-enabling kit which contains a free smartphone with pre-loaded e-Mal Wallet app and e-Mal Card.

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e-Mal Roadmap RoadMap

Q4 2019

e-Mal 3.0
version launch

Oct 2019

e-Mal SDK release

Nov 2019

Merchant on boarding

Dec 2019

POS release

Jan 2020

Bill payment via Static QR code

Feb 2020

Referral & Loyalty program

Mar 2019

On boarding Remittance Partner

Apr 2020

Utility payment via e-Mal Wallet

May 2020

e-Mal WPS Salary Management

June 2020

e-Mal 4.0 version launch

Jul 2020

e-Mal digital wallet Arabic Version


HH Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohammed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum
CEO & Founder
Ahmed Al Khoory
Strategic Advisor to Board
Walid Abdul Malik
DED Dubai Advisory to Board
Abdullah Al Nasser
1st Emirati Lawyer promoting regulation of IPO for UAE
Fathi Al Mohamed
Board Advisor Bahrain
Victor Chow
Strategic Advisor Singapore
Anjana Bhatia
Legal Counsel India/GCC

Our Creative Minds Team

Senior iOS Developer
Mehfooz ul Haq
BackEnd Developer
Android Developer
QA Software Tester
Shreenath Iyer
Digital Marketing Executive
HR Manager
Legal AML/KYC Advisor


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

At e-Mal, we are launching a distributed application platform over a globally decentralised blockchain network with an aim to make financial transactions fast, efficient and available to all. e-Mal Digital Wallet is the ecosystem hosting all financial transactions, services, other resources and most importantly the medium of exchange for blockchain enabled transactions.
Within e-Mal ecosystem, there are other offerings such as “ e-Mal U- Hub ” and “ e-Mal Fin-Hub ” to explain the utility of e-Mal coins which could be used for various services such as to pay utility bills, cross border remittances, peer to peer transactions and buy private sectors products from on-boarded merchant network on the e-Mal Merchant Portal.
e-Mal is a dedicated player to align Fin-Tech and more precisely digital currency landscape in the UAE with technological innovations on the blockchain. This brings efficiency, ease of transaction and security in the system by a team of proven enthusiasts.

e-Mal Digital Wallet app is currently available for download and use in the UAE only.

Upon full verification and approval of KYC and AML process, an user can start participating within the e-Mal token sale platform. Users or intended buyers need to submit KYC documents such as passport copy, National ID and proof of name/address. Users can pay in Fiat currencies or accepted digital currencies such as BTC and ETH and take possession of adequate EML tokens. In cases where EML tokens are acquired by paying with BTC or ETH, the user must have corresponding wallets where the respective coins are stored.

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering Laws under different regions. These are documents and verifications which approve e-Mal users as a valid and legal user of the digital wallet and the Token Sale Portal.

Yes. KYC is mandatory to be completed by every user on the e-Mal platform as an onboarding process and he/ she can start using e-Mal digital wallet or tokens for transactions only after the KYC has been successfully reviewed and verified.

e-Mal users must submit a valid passport copy, a National ID and proof of address and name in the form of utility bill no more than 3 months old.

ERC20 is a technical standard used for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 account allows users and exchanges to easily manage multiple tokens, transfers, storage, IPO, and so on.

In order to receive your e-Mal tokens you will be asked to enter your unique wallet address in your dashboard. We recommend using MyEtherWallet but you may also use other native Ethereum wallets as long as they are ERC-20 compatible. Once you create your account, you will be able to find your Account address which you can then copy and paste in your dashboard. Create ERC20 Wallet

The revolutionary Blockchain technology backing e-Mal’s digital currency (EML) replaces central storage of data by entrusted source code with added value and enablement of Smart Contracts. Blockchain based digital currencies have a pool of operational and technological advantages over Fiat and conventional currencies like unalterable transactional records, transparency, third party and intermediary removal , lower costs and outreach. e-Mal infrastructure is managed in house and governed as per our carefully drafted set of policies. Launching our own digital currency under that rationale completes the infrastructure of our envisioned secured digital payments ecosystem and own tokens.

  • e-Mal Websitee-mal.ae
  • e-Mal Whitepaper: All users must complete a form to request the e-Mal Whitepaper. Please follow the link:tokensale.e-mal.ae

For further support, please contact[email protected]or contact the e-Mal team at +971 42 660 007.

Our e-Mal Token Sale will be going live in mid August 2018. However you may now register to participate in our Token Sale Whitelist.

Yes. There will be a month long pre-sale period before the Token Sale platform is live. e-Mal users can Whitelist themselves on the Token Sale Platform to avail of SAFT Agreement for allocation of tokens post IPO closure.

e-Mal pre-sale (private sale) is active now, which are drafted and approved offline through SAFT agreement process. e-Mal users can submit their request and go through the e-Mal Whitelisting process to avail of the SAFT agreement.

Upon full verification and approval of KYC and AML process, an user can start participating within the e-Mal Token Sale Platform. Users or intended buyers need to submit KYC documents such as passport copy, National ID and proof of name/address. Users can pay in Fiat currencies or accepted digital currencies such as BTC and ETH and take possession of adequate EML tokens. In cases where EML tokens are acquired by paying with BTC or ETH, the user must have corresponding wallets where the respective coins are stored.

Yes, based on the period of token sale the discounts vary from 45% to nil.

Token Sale Structure % of Discount on EML Price
Private Sale 45%
Pre Sale 35%
Token sale stage 1 25%
Token sale stage 2 15%
Token sale stage 3 0%

Yes . The soft cap is 15M USD.

Yes. The hard cap is at 190M USD.

Minimum transaction amount (Private Sale)
36,000 AED/12 Ether/1BTC
Minimum transaction amount (Public Sale)
3700 AED/1 Ether/0.2 BTC

EML tokens are utility tokens, similar to Filecoin, Sia, Ether, having a finite supply and their value directly depends on usage and the pegged value of each EML token. The number of transactions processed using e-Mal tokens as digital currency among accepting merchants and platforms enhance the e-Mal ecosystem by keeping the EML value stable.

Due to finite supply, the laws of demand and supply will be applicable. The price of tokens will increase as the popularity of EML will increase. Hence, the promotion of EML will be done as an investment option. Although there will be certain fluctuation of the EML tokens, however this will not be as volatile as other digital currencies as EML will take into account the FX value of the pegged fiat i.e. USD to AED.

These tokens will undergo the usual token sale life cycle such as Private sales , Pre IPO and crowd sale to raise capital as well as justifiable returns for all investors and stakeholders.

Before we have accepted payments (Fiat or Digital Currencies) from any token buyer, they have to create their e-Mal Token Sale Account through a simple process, where we can credit your purchased tokens which can be viewed on the Dashboard. The tokens are only visible within the dashboard during the IPO, but open for user upon closure of Token Sale. The tokens can be accessed through your verified ERC20 wallet address. The e-Mal Tokens will also be available for user within the e-Mal digital wallet and within listed exchanges.

e-Mal tokens will be listed on physical exchanges in the UAE, corresponding countries for cross border remittance for cash out options and on trade exchanges for cash out.

e-Mal token ticker is listed as EML. Prices of e-Mal tokens will vary as per the maturity stage of the tokens. We are provisioning discounts on token price for early investors upto 45 % on the token launch price. These discounts would stop once the tokens start selling on the Token Sale platform and prices would fluctuate from one stage to other as per market recorded demand and internally fixed prices which will be shared at the time when the IPO portal is live.
The launch price of e-Mal Tokens as applicable in the public sale stage would be 2.20 AEDs or $ 0.60 per token, exclusive of applicable discount % fixed and communicated by the e-Mal advisory board.

The total token allocation would be as per details below

Token Sale 70%
Advisory Board 10%
Private (or Pre IPO) Sale 7%
Team 5%
Founder 6%
Promotional Bounty 1%
Post IPO Bounty 1%

Since e-Mal is decentralised and peer-to-peer, we are using encryption algorithms to secure user information. e-Mal does not have any direct access to user funds & financial information without user keys. Only the user has access of their account transactions and fund controls.

e-Mal leverages modern blockchain technology that allows users to make financial transactions. We use Ethereum Smart Contracts, Hyperledger Fabric and Stellar Protocols to give e-Mal users the ability to make transactions local and globally in fiat and digital currencies.

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